Accommodation operators
As per Mahammad's request here will be added 50min video with short training about the SAHMAN programme, which companies should watch before submitting forms with company details and checklist.

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Enter your company name and contact person's details. After review of your request we will be in contact with you. Description is needed for this field.
Company name
Contact person
Contact persons email
Contact persons phone
General methods and norms
Fully compliant with existing Government Orders, Guidelines and Health Advisories
Certificate of successful completion of SAHMAN trainings
Mandatory use of precautionary protective means
Internal guideline of precautionary, disinfection and hygiene, safe distancing measures (where applicable)
Information about SAHMAN available to customers and external stakeholders
Mandatory keeping of records / documentation of SAHMAN related actions and measures taken
Accommodation operators
Appointment of a “SAHMAN Manager” to implement measures and ensure compliance with programme requirements
Participation and certification of SAHMAN Manager in SAHMAN training programme
Display of written reminders / information on good personal hygiene for guests in common areas and in bedrooms
Hotel lobby, Front desk, Public areas, lifts, escalators, staircases, water closets, function rooms, swimming/spa pools, fitness centres, business centres, canteens, lounges and others.
Implementation of mandatory non-touch temperature check at entrance / front desk
Separate for staff, hotel guests and event participants
I acknowledge that submitted information is true and my company is compliant with what Ive mentioned in checklist.